Zip Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water

Aqua One Australia stocks Zip Water Coolers, heaters and replacement cartridges.

This filter is compatible for use where requiring ZIP 58000. CONTACT US NOW OR CALL US ON 07 3395 7122 TO ASK US ABOUT OUR SPECIAL PRICING ON THESE FILTERS.

Zip Hydro Tap Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water Systems gives you the convenience of  filtered boiling water and filtered chilled water instantly in your home or office. Aqua One Australia also offers replacement water filter cartridges for all Zip models.

  • Far quicker, simpler and safer to use than any kettle.
  • Very simple to use - press red lever for boiling water,  blue for chilled.
  • Lift lever to "lock on" for hands-free filling of pots or jugs.
  • Child-proof safety lock prevents accidental use
  • Additional operable safety lock will temporarily disable water lever.
Click for Brochure: Zip Hydro Tap

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