Increase the PH of your water

Alkalisers, Anti Oxidisers, Orp Mineraliser, Energiser Ioniser. Portable alkalisers or just add to your existing system.

Akaliser Stick, Alkaliser Filters available from Aqua One Australia / Better Water Capalaba, Brisbane

The Alkaliser Stick is great for travel. Just leave the alkaline water stick in your water bottle, add tap of filtered water, shake vigorously and enjoy oxygenated, ionised water with a pH of 9.0 -9.5 and ORP of -200mv.For the busy people who want Alkaline, Oxygenated, Microclustered, Ionised Water anywhere and anytime.

Omnipure Super Stabiliser Calcite & Corosex Filter.The media of the Super Stabiliser is quite different than a lot of filters.  Calcite is a crushed, white marble media, and neutralized by acidic water by raising the PH. The Corosex is adapted for use in filters as a special processed, hard magnesia bead, which increases the pH value to neutralize acidity. The Granulated Activated Carbon cleans and clears the water absorbing any chemicals such as chlorine or odour and makes the water taste great.

Pi Vitality + | ALKALISER | *ANTI OXIDISER*ORP | *MINERALISER | *ENERGISER | *IONISERThe Pi Vitality + alkaliser filter raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infrared rays which result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules this the ORP potential. Increasing the availabity of the body to absorb the oxygen in the body.

The Portable Alkaline Ionizer converts regular drinking water into alkaline and ionized water that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.