Installation of a School Bubbler

Remote Water Chillers - Add a chiller to an existing trough with Bubblers. Perfect for Schools and anywhere you need high volumes of cold water.

Aqua One Australia Installation of a School Bubbler

The ability of children learning in a classroom can be enhanced by the availability of cool drinking water.  When choosing school bubblers for your school population, the capacity of the bubbler to provide enough cool, filtered drinking water should be taken into account. Our free onsite inspection takes the worry out of selecting which bubbler to choose. 

Problem or Issue

A local school called regarding the purchase of a new bubbler for their under-cover play areas.

The installation of the original drinking water dispensing system was 30 years old and requires expensive maintenance due to the excessive calcification build up. The area has extremely hard water and the older style bubblers did not include the required water filters.

As they were standalone bubblers, they did not have sufficient output to service the school population. In addition to the standalone bubblers, there was only 3 drinking water stations to service a school population of around 400 students and fed by plumbed water directly from the water mains.

Solution Offered by Aqua One Australia

As the school was in the Brisbane metropolitan area, our water technicians were able to do a site inspection and assessed the best solution for the location.

We proposed a remote multi point water cooler to be fed directly into the existing multi tap drinking trough which would allow for the installation to dispense up to 90 litres of cooled, filtered water per hour. The inclusion of a vandal proof cage, and our water filter maintenance plan resulted in the supply of a complete outdoor system, offering a long term sustainable solution.


Aqua One Australia’s water technician attended the school to assess the situation and then supplied a proposal the next day. The proposal included the supply and installation of the remote multi point water cooler.

As we project manage the installation we were able to complete process from purchase, installation and commissioning.

On the day of installation our water technician was on site to ensure installation ran smoothly. He then commissioned the multi point water cooler to confirm the correct temperature and water flow was maintained.

A courtesy call was placed a week after the installation to ensure the system was performing as required.


A sufficient supply of cool filtered drinking water resulted in the students drinking more water and no longer had to line up for the bubbler to drink luke-warm water. As the result the student’s hydration levels increased which is an important factor for good brain function.

The installed water bubblers resulted in a sustainable solution expected to support the school well into the future.

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