Water Filters & Systems

We can install under sink water filter systems with both reverse osmosis and carbon filters Brisbane.

We have a whole range of water filters that can be installed undersink with a separate tap just for your pure clean drinking water. Reverse Osmosis, Carbon filters, fluoride removal or even a high flow water filter which can be plumbed to your existing tap.

Under sink water filter systems allow for hot and cold.

The A1 Twin water filtration system is perfect for under the sink at home or to connect up to any of our mains pressure water dispensers

This compact under sink water chiller provides 8L of chilled filtered water per hour. Ideal for areas with not a lot of floor space or for staff room kitchens. If you need a chiller with higher output, just ask us for more information.

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The Billi Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water Systems offer a stylish under sink system that is the perfect addition to any office or home. Billi offer many different finishes so be sure to check out the brochure.  An instant boiling and chilled water tap will change the way you live at home and in the office. Once you experience the benefits of having a Billi system, you’ll be surprised that you ever managed without one. Housed under the sink with an above bench dispenser, our extensive range of home and commercial boiling and chilled water systems are available in a variety of styles and colours. Billi have been designing, manufacturing and installing under sink water filter dispensers in Australian homes and offices for over 25 years. See Brochure for colours and finishes available.

Inline fluoride removal filters are a great, affordable way to remove more than 90% of fluoride from your water and they can be easily added to existing systems. No need for tanks, and flow won't be affected!

The Hydra Master under bench drinking water system provides unsurpassed quality in the delivery of boiling hot water and refreshingly chilled water. Advanced and contemporary technology combined with the modern compact design creates a heavy duty but stylish drinking water system.

The Insinkerator offers Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water Systems are among the most affordable and efficient systems available today. Small & compact the perfect solution to any small office or home.  

This insinkerator water filter is suitable for all insinkerator systems.

Omnipure carbon block cartridges removing chlorine, sediment, taste, odour and organic contaminants.

Add a Pi Vitality and save 20% Pure water has never bean more compact, this state of the art reverse osmosis system, is easy to maintain and economical on space. Quick Change Reverse Osmosis System offers a compact design, with easy maintenance and hygienic twist-off filtration cartridges. Of all the methods to have pure drinking water for domestic use, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective and is easy to maintain and won't take up all the room under your sink.

Drinking Water Faucets and Taps - Premium Designer Tapware. Aqua One Australia have selection of taps for you to choose. Standard Filter Faucets Included with your purchase of an Undersink Filter System. All our Standard Filter Faucets feature a chrome finish and include a base plate and connection fittings. Mixers - Hot, Cold & Filtered Faucets Our Mixers feature a bright chrome finish and are fitted with an included base plate. Stainless Steel Filter Faucets Our Stainless Steel Filtered Water Faucets and Mixers feature a brushed chrome finish. Stainless Steel Mixers - Hot, Cold & Filtered Faucets

Neat and compact, the Twin Under Sink Filtered Water System can be conveniently installed under the sink and comes with your choice of attractive Designer Chrome Taps at no extra charge. The taps can be easily mounted on your stainless steel sink, corona or granite bench-top. Twin under sink filtered drinking water system from Aqua One Australia, Morningside. can be conveniently installed under the sink.

Under sink water chiller 5-15 litres per hour Under Bench Coolers will provide up to 15 litres of water per hour

  • UB1 - 8 litres per hour
  • UB2 - 15 litres per hour
  • UB3 - 5 litres per hour
Ask us about Afterpay , show now, pay later and interest free.