Bottle Top Water Coolers – Great tasting cool filtered water.

Simply fill the bottle from the tap NO MORE BOTTLED WATER.  The bottle can simply be filled from the tap with the hose by including the non spill valve . This is an optional extra which prevents the water from spilling when you turn it upside down. Place the bottle on the cooler, the water then goes through the filter and into the cooler reservoir.

The safer solution is here.... Our AB28 Touch Free Sensor Activated Bottled Water Cooler has the latest technology in hygienically dispensing chilled water. 

  • Easy TOUCH FREE Operation
  • TOUCH FREE Temperature Control
  • Tri temp - Hot, Cold and Ambient
  • High Gloss Black or White Cabinet
  • Chrome Look Tap
  • Simple, Sleek Design
  • 36 month Comprehensive Warranty

Available to Buy or Rent!


NO PLUMBING REQUIRED ASK ABOUT OUR RENTAL PLANS Great tasting cool filtered water. Simply fill the bottle from the tap, NO MORE BOTTLED WATER.  

Available to Buy or Rent!

Disposable enviromentally friendly paper cups. 6 oz/180 ml paper cups that fit perfectly into a standard size cup holder for any water cooler.

Filtered water bottle, perfect for any cooler. No more expensive bottled water just simply fill from the top of the bottle and you have cold filtered water at your fingertips. The filters will last normally about 6 months.

Did you know that we offer a range of Hygienically Safe Tap options? These taps offer a safer option to the standard taps you may already have. Allowing you access to water with minimal (if any) physical touch to the water system. This ensures the water station stays cleaner for longer as well as guaranteeing less chance of spreading germs or harmful bacteria. Touch Free PUSH TAPS Our Touch Free Push Taps are a perfect replacement for taps on Bottle Top Water Coolers or Plumbed in Water Coolers. Simply hold your cup against the tab to work. The Push Taps are $19 +GST per tap and we can install at your next service, or you can easily install yourself.

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