Looking for Water Filter Cartridges? Go no further.

We carry a complete range of water filters and water filter cartridges for most makes and models. If you can’t find it on our website, we can most likely get it in.

Our Spring Flow Steam Distillers provide you with the purest drinking water – Spring Flow distillers can turn ANY water into 4 litres of drinking water.

Types of Water Filters

Aqua One Australia provides numerous types of water filters including Under Sink Water Filter, Fluoride Removal Filters, QRO4 Undersink Reverse Osmosis, ARO5000 Reverse Osmosis Undersink, Countertop Reverse Osmosis, Bench top water filter, Whole house semi auto filter, Whole House Water Filter, Shower Filters, Distillers, Ceramic Water Filters / Urns, U V Home Water Treatment and much much more.

You will find most if not all of these systems and their varieties are in stock at our store in Morningside, QLD or can be ordered in for your pick-up with a simple phone call to our friendly staff. Pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions, because we are here to look after your water filter needs.

The A1 Twin water filtration system is perfect for under the sink at home or to connect up to any of our mains pressure water dispensers

  AN1 Drop in Water Filter Can be used with any 15L bottle and fits neatly into most bottled water coolers. No more buying heavy and expensive bottles of water. You can have all the filtered water you need for under $150 per year.

  AN2 Drop in water filter. Suits black bottled water coolers. Can be used with any 15L bottle and fits neatly into most bottled water coolers. No more buying heavy and expensive bottles of water. You can have all the filtered water you need for under $150 per year.

ARO5000 Reverse Osmosis Under sink Aqua One has Reverse Osmosis filters in counter top units or they can be installed undersink. It is the best you can get in water purification. Reverse Osmosis has the ability, unlike filters, to remove contaminants such as dissolved solids and all other impurities. Add a Pi Vitality and save 20%

Ask us about Afterpay , show now, pay later and interest free.

Baby Bath Ball Filter Simply hang on your bathroom tap and all your bath water will be filtered. The Bath Ball Filter is a Sprite Shower innovation. The Bath Ball Filter offers conditioned water for more luxurious bathing.

Aqua One Australia has a large range of portable Benchtop / Countertop water filters for whatever you want to remove from your water supply. Easy to install directly on the bench. There is no longer need to worry about bulky water bottles once the space saving benchtop water filtration system is installed.

Instant Boiling and Chilled Filtered Water. With a focus on space saving, Billi systems are often less than half the size of comparative products, allowing you to make the most of the available area, while offering the largest capacities available in the market.

Ceramic Water Filters & Urns - Southern Cross Pottery is an easy to use and attractive way to filter your water in any house or office. Simply add tap water to the top half of the ceramic urn, and wait for it to drip through the Doulton ceramic filter candle, providing the great tasting, pure water collected in the bottom half. We offer a whole range of colours and patterns that will suit any decor. Now fluoride removal is also available with the addition of our Ultraceram filter. Click for Brochure Ceramic Water Filter Urns - Southern Cross Pottery

We carry a whole range of spare parts for countertop / benchtop water filters. Diverter Valves for Bench Top Purifiers are available in Pull-Button type and Lever type, and in 1/4" or 3/4" tube sizes. A range of Tap Adaptors are also available to suit your tap spout.

Add a Pi Vitality and save 20% The RO-4000 Probe Countertop Reverse Osmosis System. Pure water at your fingertips no plumbing, no heavy bottles and no running out of water.

Phosphate and Carbon for Coffee Machines/ 5 Micron Tripple Action Carbon/ Polyphosphate GAC Cartridge This US made 5 micron GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter contains carbon for chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, taste and odour reduction along with Polyphosphate for protection of equipment; boilers, coffee machines etc against hardness contained in the water.

Inline fluoride removal filters are a great, affordable way to remove more than 90% of fluoride from your water and they can be easily added to existing systems. No need for tanks, and flow won't be affected!