Why Have A Plumbed Water Cooler In Your Office?

Staying hydrated with filtered water makes your staff happier and more efficient and in turn increases their productivity. As your staff become dehydrated, their minds cloud, their cognitive performance slows, their output reduces and irritability sets in.

Staying hydrated makes your staff happier and more efficient, increasing their productivity.

As your staff become dehydrated, their minds cloud, their cognitive performance slows, their output reduces and irritability sets in. It only makes sense to ensure that your staff are staying hydrated with the availability of cool, filtered water available on tap. A plumbed water cooler is the answer.

As an  Australian employer, you have a responsibility to provide clean drinking water within 30 metres of your staff work stations. With each point of access supplying no more than 40 employees.

As the summer temperatures reach record highs, tap water temperatures also increase. Warm tap water simply does not taste good. As the temperature of the water increases more contaminants are absorbed into the water affecting the taste.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

To encourage your staff to drink more water, you need to have cool filtered water on demand at all times. A plumbed water cooler system is the obvious answer.

The water from a plumbed water cooler is chilled, sweeter and more palatable than the water from a tap.

  • The water is filtered, thereby removing any impurities in the water
  • The water is chilled to a drinkable temperature
  • Staff will be more likely to drink chilled water

A plumbed water cooler does not require water bottles for refilling and the water is supplied directly from the mains.

This means

  • Less staff time to monitor and manage the supply of water bottle replacements
  • No storage required for the water bottle replacements
  • More cost effective as there is no ongoing cost of replacing the water bottles
  • More environmentally friendly reducing the use of plastics

Set and forget with Aqua One Australia’s ongoing service agreement

  • No need to worry about replacement water filters
  • Regular servicing keeps the equipment working at optimum performance

We offer both rental and purchase solutions for plumbed water coolers. These include under-sink water coolers, standalone water coolers and water fountains/bubblers. Our free onsite inspection will give you peace of mind to be sure you are offering your staff the best solution possible.

Under-sink Water Cooler

An under-sink water Cooler is an option if you don’t have a lot of room. The unit is installed under the sink concealed behind a cupboard. These units can supply up to 7 litres of cold water per hour, with noiseless refrigeration system.

Plumbed Standalone Water Cooler

For the smaller office or gym, this standalone system supplies around 45 cups of both hot and cold filtered water per hour. Packaged with environmentally specific filters, this water dispenser gives you a cool filtered water all year around.

Water Fountains or Water Bubblers

An industrial solution suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, these water fountains can supply up to 30 litres of chilled water per hour. Omnipure Twin filter with easy quick fit connections will remove dirt, sediment, rust, chlorine, chloroform, ammonia, pesticides and herbicides giving pure clean healthy, drinking water.

Arrange for a free onsite inspection or quote and get the best for your staff.