Rental Water Coolers – Everything You Need To Know

In the bustling city of Brisbane, we see households and businesses in need of a clean water system. A buying a water bubbler comes with costs of installation, servicing and maintenance.

In the bustling city of Brisbane, we see households and businesses in need of a clean water system. A buying a water bubbler comes with costs of installation, servicing and maintenance.

Aqua One Australia has the best solutions to this problem! We offer rental schemes to provide full comfort of owning a system for a fraction of the price! All units are up to date with the Australian regulation on water accessibility for workplaces.

Why Choose Aqua One Australia?

Readily Available Drinking Water

No more droughts at work! Having a Water Cooler in your space, means fresh water at your disposal and at your desired temperature.

Clean Healthy Drinking Water

The Aqua One systems filter out toxins from tap water. Advance cleaning technology means no more bacteria or uneven pH levels, and a lot of sweet, clean and palatable water!

Time is Money

Renting a water cooler saves you the cost of buying and carrying water bottles, and saves electricity and gas spent on boiling it. Think of all the time you will save!

Space Friendly Units

Water bubblers and coolers are space-friendly. They are compact and you can even mount them on a wall or plumb them within a cabinet or under the sink. It is a great investment for small homes and confined office spaces

Professional Service

Water Coolers have to be regularly sanitized and serviced. The rental scheme offers the expertise of our water technicians. The team provides efficient installation and regular maintenance every 6 months.

Our company promises you healthy water at all times. Our technicians use non-toxic equipment to sterilize and sanitize the unit. Each visit promises regular cartridge changes, and a complete flush of the reservoirs.

Take Your Pick!

Plumbed Water Coolers

Never run out of clean and filtered water again! This unit comes with a 12-litre antibacterial polypropylene reservoir. It is easy to remove for sanitation and always provides purified water – up to 45 cups an hour, and is self-filling!

You also have the option to rent a Standard Twin filter. The heavy-duty filtration removes dirt, sediment, rust, chlorine and all sorts of harmful chemicals from the drinking water.

The unit comes with legally approved equipment to ensure a safe experience and ever-ready cool and cold water for use. It’s perfect for a busy school or large office space – and is a great investment for health clubs too.

Undersink Water Coolers

For compact homes and offices, this bubbler provides uninterrupted water flow for a hassle-free day. Pumping 7 litres of filtered and purified water an hour, it runs silently and is easy to install. The tank has a stainless steel body to keep away rust and mould, safeguarding the water.

The unit has a great filtration system, which is equipped with high-grade plumbing to ensure that your water is healthy and clean. It’s a great fit in a small kitchen, a small apartment and in offices which are at a loss for space.

Wall Mounted Hot Water Systems

The Boiling Billy unit is an economical and energy saving water bubbler that is mounted on a wall. For places that want quick access to hot water for warm beverages coffee, tea and chocolate, it makes for a practical investment.

The unit is bound to be a favourite in places that need constant hot water on the go – perfect for cafes, canteens, tearooms, and offices—you name it.

Bench Top Plumbed In Water Coolers

This compact unit comes in two water dispensing options: cool & cold, and hot & cold. Providing an uninterrupted supply of water for all needs, it dispenses 3.1 litres an hour.

This water cooler also comes with an easy-to-remove Standard filter system. Our technicians punctually clean and maintain it as per the scheduled appointments. Like its larger counterpart, this bubbler also dispenses clean water that is pure from earth impurities. As an added bonus, it’s space friendly, making it a great rental for a summer house or a singleton apartment.

Bottle Top Drinking Water Coolers

This unit offers capacity to hold a 15-litre water bottle and a system with a no-spill valve. This is one of the most convenient mediums of dispensing water, providing cool and cold water on the go with convenient taps.

And the best part? No plumbing required!

The unit comes with a cup-holder attached. Places that consume a lot of water will find it a perfect fit –a busy locker room at sports clubs, or offices and schools with need for easy access to water.

You can also add on a self-fill filter bottle. You can also request for replacement cartridges before your maintenance appointment.

Over all, this super convenient model is a great fit for any place it lands in – and is a very cost effective and a waste-free investment.

Extra, Extra!

We let you add paper cups to your rental agreement for a small price, and offers free delivery and installation of the units!

Maintenance appointments are recorded via a computer system to help you – our team at Aqua One handles the whole process from top to bottom for you.

Purchasing a water cooler means dealing with the hassle on your own that puts financial and time pressure on you. With a water cooler rental, you are signing away all your worries.

So rent a water bubbler today, and say good-bye to your water sanitation and provision worries. At Aqua One, we ensure the most stress-free and easy access to clean drinking water – check out this link to get a quote on a system that’s perfect for you!