Refillable Water Bottles – A Boost For The Environment

Refillable Water Bottles – A Boost For The Environment

Are you consuming mineral water in plastic bottles because you think you are getting pure water with all the minerals needed by your body? Well, we don’t challenge this fact completely, but there are consequences of not only drinking water from plastic bottles, but the use of plastic bottles altogether. So what should you do? This article is going to help you in finding solutions to the dilemma of requiring safe drinking water and the use of plastic bottles.

No need for plastic bottles

Before we proceed further, our main question is, why do we need plastic bottles? We actually don’t need them; we have just got a bit too lazy to find the alternative. Don’t agree? Let me explain scenario. You can easily get filtered water through water filters, right? Then why do we use plastic bottles instead of refillable water bottles? For some people, they are easier to be used with a water dispenser, whereas for others, plastic bottles can be easily carried. But don’t you think, both the above points would be neglected if you used refillable water bottles for your filtered water.

Facts on plastic bottles

Why are we so against these plastic bottles? Because they are not only using our precious resources, they are also creating survival issues for the entire ecosystem. A single plastic bottle you use can take up to 700 years for decomposition. Just imagine, the number of plastic bottles that you have disposed of to date. Did you know 90% of the cost that you pay for the plastic water bottle is for the container itself? It is clearly impacting your personal resources as well as the Earth on which we all live. Imagine the benefit to our ecosystem if we all used refillable water bottles.

What’s the alternative?

We can easily switch to filtered water by installing water filters everywhere. The water won’t be any different than the bottled water, but you’ll be saving your planet by using refillable water bottles. If you have made up your mind on using water filters, then you should have an idea about the type of water filters available.

Types of water filters

Following are the main types of water filters available: 


As the name indicates, these water filters can be placed under the sink, and you can get the cleaned water through your tap for the home or office. These water filters consume less energy and can allow you to adjust the temperature of the water.

Whole house

You can install the filtration system that can provide clean filtered water to all the taps in your home. This would make it possible to drink filtered drinking water from any tap in your home and using refillable water bottles for the fridge.

Shower filters

For bathing, you can attach the shower filters with your shower providing you with access to soft water all the time.

Standalone water filters

These water filters can be placed anywhere and can provide clean drinking water for you. Some of them are small and portable as well, making it easier for you to take with you.