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We have a whole range of mains connected water cooler dispenser. Our hot and cold water dispenser with filter are second to none. Specialising in water cooler rentals.

Bench Top Plumbed In Cooler available from Aqua One Australia, the SD5C series provides a endless supply of cool & room temperature water. You'll never run out of filtered water again. This unit will give you an unlimited supply of filtered water and comes with two taps, giving you the choice of cool & cold or hot & cold and can be installed almost anywhere you want it. The SD5C series Plumbed in Bench Top Water Coolers provide a endless supply of refreshing cool & room temperature water. These chillers connect directly to the mains and are able to accommodate a variety of filters.

The Billi Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water Systems offer a stylish undersink system that is the perfect addition to any office or home. Billi offer many different finishes so be sure to check out there brochure. See Brochure for colours and finishes available.

NO PLUMBING REQUIRED ASK ABOUT OUR RENTAL PLANS Great tasting cool filtered water. Simply fill the bottle from the tap NO MORE BOTTLED WATER.

Drinking Water Fountain - Mains Connected. Keep your work force hydrated with this mains connected water cooler. The perfect water bubbler for your office. Call us now on (07) 3395 7122 and we will be happy to see which model is right for you.

The Hydra Master under bench drinking water system provides unsurpassed quality in the delivery of boiling hot water and refreshingly chilled water.

Scotman ice makers / ice dispensers are universally acknowledged as a world leader. There is a wide range of machines to suit every application.

The Insinkerator offer Instant Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water Systems are among the most affordable and efficient systems available today. Small & compact the perfect solution to any small office or home.

Disposable enviromentally friendly paper cups. 6 oz/180 ml paper cups that fit perfectly into a standard size cup holder for any water cooler.

The RM polyethelene vandal proof water fountain / bubbler provides 30 litres per hour.

This pure stainless steel gravity filter is ideal if you don't want to carry water. Great for camping trips or sporting activities. Simply fill with non-potable water and the gravity filter will give you pure, filtered drinking water.

This Australian made WR45 Wall Remote Chiller can be attached to trough and basin, perfect for Schools. This unit will provide enough cold water for 2 taps. Aqua One Australia stock Remote Chillers for School Water Troughs and Drinking Water Bubbler Taps.

Needs lots of cold water? Add a chiller to an existing trough with Bubblers. Perfect for Schools and anywhere you need high volumes of cold water.

Aqua One stock Remote Chillers for School Water Troughs and Drinking Water Bubbler Taps.
Click for Brochure:  Remote Water Chillers

Water Dispensers Brisbane for Office or Factories

Water Dispensers that provide fresh filtered drinking water Rent or Purchase a Water Dispensers from Aqua One Aust and we will provide all your Services and Maintenance.

We can service any brand of Water Cooler or Water Filters. We have a wide range of chillers to suit your every need for small and large offices. Including hot & cold Billy, Boiling Billy, Zip and Aqua Cooler.

Bottleless water coolers, plumbed in water coolers, water fountains, water bubblers all over Brisbane. We also offer a maintenance service which saves you money not paying for each visit. We come to your work place sanitize, clean and replace your filters. We keep signed records of each and every visit if you ever need them. Your coolers stays pristine encouraging your teams to drink cold filtered water.
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