Office Water Cooler – Looking After Your Staff

Office Water Coolers stocked by Aqua One Australia, Brisbaneensure constant hydration that ultimately enhances work performance in many ways.

Australia has some all-exclusive laws about the safety, comfort, and health of the workers at the workplace. These guidelines cover everything from air quality to washrooms and water points. Because of these guidelines, you need to be very sure which of the office water coolers are you actually buying.

Requirements for drinking water

According to the guidelines, the essentials for drinking water are as follows:

  • Sufficient water supply with accessible water points within 30 meters of the workplace 
  • Kitchen and washroom taps should not be drinking water outlets
  • National guidelines for water safety must confirm the water quality.
  • It is mandatory to supply drinking water even where no water mains are available
  • The water supply must be free and a special water outlet must be present covering maximum of 40 employees.
  • In the case of following the above-mentioned rules, the availability of water dispensers and water coolers for the office has become a basic requirement in Australia.

Importance of office water coolers

The availability of water coolers in offices is a simple way to access clean water for the staff. The office water coolers ensure constant hydration that ultimately enhances work performance in many ways. There is a list of benefits that signify how important to have an office water coller in your office.

Some of the basic benefits include.

Clean and freshwater

The office water cooler provides a refreshing, clean, and minimeral-rich experience of drinking water. Easy to use and usually has four dispensing options which may include cold, hot, sparkling, & ambient temparature water.

An environment-friendly option

It is a convenient and affordable option to fill and refill the sports bottles, glasses, and cups with drinking water from water coolers. Moreover, it also positively affects the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles in offices.

Contributes Towards Health

Office water coolers also contribute to the healthy progression of employers and employees. The minerals in water obtained from water dispensers are highly beneficial for health. Additionally, these available filters purify water. They also reduce bacteria and other pathogens to minimal levels. 

Increase Productivity

Doctors recommend a minimum of 6-8 glass of water intake daily. Drinking water maintains a healthy hydration balance which also assists in raising work productivity.

Having an office water cooler or office water dispenser helps the staff to stay hydrated. It also helps them to focus on their wor making the office water a cooler a must-have in your work environment.

Aqua One Australia

Aqua One Australia offers a variety of water dispensers that makes it easy for you to choose. Options range from bottled water coolers, drinking water fountains, along with plumbed in water units which are also available.

Additionally, plumbed in water units are also available. All these products come with the choice of filtration level for the removal of bad taste. Complex filtering solutions to enhance mineral contents in drinking water and basic level clean water are the two options. You can choose the one that you think would be better for your employees.

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