How Often Do I Need A Water Filter Replacement Cartridge?

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Water is life…..but when it gets contaminated with various kinds of impurities and germs it converts into a serious threat to life. Contaminated water is the bitter reality, that is why you need to to know moreabout water filters and how often you need a water filter cartridge replacement for the safety and well being of your family.

According to UNO standards, “Potable drinking water must be clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and it should not contain pathogenic micro-organisms and adverse chemicals.”

But even though the water running through taps contains many unwanted substances such as aluminum, bacteria, cadmium, chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrates, organic chemicals and poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These all kinds of impurities need removal from drinking water and the perfect solution to get rid of these contaminations is a good water filter cartridge.

Different types of water filter systems have different levels of filtration and choosing the right system is relative to the water quality and your needs.

Under Sink Water Filter stocked by Aqua One Australia - Turn your tap water into Delicious Drinking Water. The series AUS492T is the ideal solution by offering the best of performance, convenience and quality.An under-sink water filter or drinking water fountain not only removes sediments, lead, chlorine, and some other impurities but also improves the taste of water. There is a range of water filters systems to filter soft water:

Other water filter systems will reduce metals and chemicals and let some microbial elements remain that make tap water palatable but not 100% pure.

If you are thinking of purchasing a water filter system, whether stand alone or plumbed, then you will need to talk to the experts at Aqua One Australia.

Life of Water filter:

A water filter cartridge needs minimal maintenance during its lifespan but does need to be replaced at the end of its life cycle. The estimated lifespan of a water filter cartridge can be measured in litres of water, but can be varied according to each application. Some other indications for your water filter cartridge replacement include:

  • Type of water (hard or soft water)
  • More use of water than an average application
  • Previous treatment of tap water
  • Quantity of contaminants and how much needs to be filtered

Why there is need to change your water filter cartridge regularly?

Mainly filters trap debris and sediments, but after using for months these become clogged with the substances. Regular water filter cartridge replacement ensures the effective filtration of water, the proper flow rate of water from water filter and unpolluted safe drinking water. How often you should change your water filter depends on the type of water filter system you are using. When purchasing you will be advised of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Signs to replace the filter:

There are many signs and indications that show your water filter needs replacement.

  • If you experience any odor/smell in the water
  • The unpleasant taste of water
  • The gradual decrease in water flow
  • An electronic indicator can also help to measure the effectiveness of water
  • An obvious visual indication (clear container shows dirty filters)

Keep your water filter working efficiently.

It is a must to change water filter when required to ensure that you are getting true value out of the water filtration system and you are still getting sweet tasting filtered water.

When buying a water filter system at Aqua One Australia you will be given the opportunity to take advantage of our filter replacement reminder service and never forget to replace your filter again. For more peace of mind, why not sign up for the Water Filter Maintenance service which includes a six monthly, full inspection of your system by our trained water technicians.

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