Australian School Bubblers

Remote Water Chillers - Add a chiller to an existing trough with Bubblers. Perfect for Schools and anywhere you need high volumes of cold water.

Summers are very long for most of Australia. Traditionally, school water bubblers were very common in Australia to ensure the availability of water for everyone in the hot weather conditions. But over time, hygiene and purity concerns have made people shift towards plastic bottles.

The conversion from school water bubblers to bottles has decreased the water intake level significantly. In kids, the intake of water is alarmingly low. In the classrooms, you may consider the “crunch & sip” trick working. But in playgrounds and activity areas, water is the last thing that comes in kids’ minds.

Revival of School Bubblers:

Over time, everyone is realising the prevailing trend of low water intake. This is why the concept of school water bubblers is getting prominent in Australia.

A drinking fountain or school water bubbler ?

In 1980’s, it was commonly called a school water bubbler. But now in 2019 it has reappeared with a new look and a new name, “drinking fountain”.

Why are the drinking fountains important?

These school water bubblers encourage the intake of water, especially in kids. Because of its feature of easy access that comes with it. Research shows that water is more likely consumed by the users when people don’t have to carry the water bottles. This will be new information for most of you which you can use it to trigger better habits when it comes to water intake.

Moreover, the use of plastic water bottles is becoming a serious threat to the environment, which has instigated the masses to reconsider their habits. The availability of water fountains in schools can minimise the use of plastic bottles. The presence of these drinking school water bubblers can also encourage kids to use refillable water bottles instead of buying another one.

Features of New Water Fountains:

The latest designed water fountains are highly durable and quality performing with the following features:

  • These drinking fountains provide cold and filtered water. They are ideal for public areas. They can cater high demand of water easily.
  • The new version of school water bubblers is durable, tough and 100% rust proof.
  • These school water bubblers are cost-effective.
  • These drinking fountains are available with water dispensers that directly plumb into the water supply so there is no need to use plastic water bottles. This is a positive impact on the environment as it is decreasing the consumption from plastic bottles.
  • These water fountains have built-in filters that remove contaminants and maintaining fresh tasting water.


The relaunch of school water bubblers or water fountains in Australian schools is done with an aim to provide better access to water, particularly for kids. The installation of school water bubblers with sufficient supply of cool, treated and clean water encourages the students to take in more water.

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