6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Regular Water Cooler Maintenance

Every business needs a Water Cooler - Buy from Aqua One Australia, Morningside

Every business needs to portray itself positively in front of its customers and employees. And the best way of doing so is by providing basic necessities, such as water. Hydration is the key to maintaining good health. By providing water coolers, everyone knows that you are a detail-oriented business owner that cares about the bigger picture and the health of the employees. Regardless of the business you own, it is essential for you to have water coolers.   

Many businesses get water cooler rentals instead of buying them. It is not just offices but schools, gyms, factories, etc., also want to ensure that they provide basic facilities. If you are a business that already has a water dispenser, then you must know that getting regular water cooler maintenance is really important. Here are 6 reasons why you need to do so:

1. A Healthy and Happy Workforce

Our bodies have 65% water, so it is only natural that we would need water to survive and stay healthy. When you are running a business, your workforce is the lifeblood that is helping you run the show behind and on the front lines. As a responsible business owner, it is imperative that you ensure that your employees stay healthy and happy with the working environment. Having water coolers placed at the right places around your office makes sure that everyone stays hydrated. They don’t have to waste time going to get some water or drinks from outside or worry about refilling their bottles once they get empty. If you don’t purchase water coolers, you can always get in touch with companies providing water cooler rentals that you can use, and the best part is that you will get regular and free water cooler maintenance.

2. Shows Customers That You Care

If you have an office where you deal with customers or the public every day, then it’s a given that there will be times when they will want to sip on some water, especially during a hot day. Water cooler rentals or purchased dispensers in your office will give the right impression to the people that you have everything sorted and in order when it comes to satisfying your customers. The best things in life are free, so when you are offering the basic and best facility to people free of charge, it is going to act as positive reinforcement. This might seem quite insignificant on the surface, but it plays a huge role in the subconscious of people. It builds trust and creates likeability towards your business. If you get regular water cooler maintenance, you won’t ever have to worry about the dispenser getting out of order and you won’t have to face any embarrassment of not being able to provide a basic service such as getting water for your clients when they ask for it.

3. Maintains Energy Levels

Not all employees are sitting comfortably behind their desks. There are other people doing physical tasks, so regular water breaks are a must for them. They can’t carry around their personal water bottles, so it is best to get water coolers placed. If you run a gym, then a water cooler is an absolute must. Everyone at the gym usually brings their own water bottle, but due to heavy training or workout session, they might end up drinking all their water and would want a refill. This is why water cooler rentals and their maintenance is crucial. You wouldn’t want your clients to leave a bad review or complaint that the gym doesn’t even have the most basic features. Water coolers in the gym are as important as the exercise machines at the gym.

Similarly, if you have a school/college, the students would need to have water after their gym class or during rehearsals. The teachers would need to hydrate themselves as well to keep their energy up. Giving lectures all day would make their throats parched; therefore, water coolers in the staff room, hallway and other areas of the school/college will be beneficial in the long-run.

4. Prevents Inconvenience

Regular water cooler maintenance is important because just one day without a proper functioning water cooler can cause a lot of inconvenience for people. If you get water cooler rentals, you can not only get free maintenance done but also have someone come to repair it if something goes wrong at a fraction of the cost. This is because the companies that provide you with the water cooler rentals will have a staff that is trained to fix any problems. They have all the spare parts readily available and can sort everything in a jiffy.

5. You Can Give a Trial

If you are unsure whether your workplace will benefit from having a water cooler and you are not ready to invest in one by purchasing them, then water cooler rentals are the perfect choice for you. You can give it a try first and just pay the rental fee every month and enjoy the benefits such as water cooler maintenance as well. There are different packages and water cooler models to suit different people, so you can rent one according to your business requirements.

6. Professionals Know it Better

If by any chance there is something wrong with your water cooler, instead of trying your hand at fixing it, you can just directly call the company that provided you with it.  A professional who sells water coolers will know exactly how to fix it. This situation will be less likely to occur if you get regular water cooler maintenance done. Professionals have so much experience under their belt compared to a layman who tries a DIY solution and risks making matters worse.

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